Designed for companies’ sellers so that they can print electronic invoices from their mobile devices, as it is required by the new regulation of the DGI.
E+Invoice is a module that can be obtained integrating it to Vendor.

Mercarea Apps


• Make an invoice from a mobile device.
• Printing a voucher with all the data of the invoice, even with QR code inside the ticket.
• Entry of extra information to add on each invoice (ex.: payment method).
• Take returns of merchandise, with the corresponding impression of this type of proof.
• Printing a ticket with the cash desk closing to see all the movements generated by each salesperson.
• Apply discounts on the header of the invoice.

PRO TIP: Portable printers connect via Bluetooth to mobile devices, and will print on a paper roll preloaded into the printer. These printers are small and battery operated or plug into the cigarette lighter of the car to 12 v, which depends on the model purchased.


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