The information received from users of MERCAREA is stored in own servers.

B MEMBER SA makes every effort in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the information received.

B MEMBER SA will not access, or attempt such information without your request.

Location data

The Mercarea app may ask you to enable and give location data permissions.

This information we collect is used to send better and more complete reports of your visits to customers.

If the user is a delivery person, a background service will be activated so that the location information is being collected even if the application is not in use, this gives the company where the truck is at all times.

The use of location data has no other purpose than to create reports on the use of the application and provide better service to customers during delivery by notifying them where and when the merchandise will be delivered.

Data removed

The information received will be removed permanently once your subscription expires.
B MEMBER SA fully respects the law 18,331.