Designed for companies to speed up and optimize the selling process of their vendors in motion.

Mercarea Apps


• Ability to create and send quotes.
• The speed up and innovation in making orders.
• Cost reduction in catalogs or printed products lists.
• Prices list and discounts, always updated.
• Real-time information about product availability in stock.
• Monitoring the performance of the seller for decision making.
• Paper elimination and reduced entry errors and process orders.


Access to customers for each salesperson and add new ones.

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Catalog with 5 photos and 3 variants to choose for each product.

Alt Text

Geo-location for route control and visits by area.

Alt Text

Search by name, code or bar code reader.

Alt Text

Consultation of stock without internet connection needed.

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Assembling the customer purchase order and sending by mail.

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Order history with the possibility to repeat orders.

Alt Text

Sales statistics for each salesperson.

Alt Text

Access to the statements of the customer.

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Uploading photos via mail:

Alt Text

Suggestions of similar products.

Alt Text

Ability to select different types of packaging.

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PRO TIP: Most application features can be enabled or disabled from the settings page. In this way, you can customize the application for your own benefit and make the most of it.



Designed for companies’ sellers so that they can print electronic invoices from their mobile devices.Continue…


Designed for companies’ sellers so that they can manage the collection from their mobile devices. Continue…


Designed for companies’ sellers so that they can send a catalog by email from their mobile devices. Continue…

*This modules can be obtained integrating them to Vendor.